The Homeowner’s Guide To Mold by Michael Pugliese is a thorough examination of mold and mold remediation. I recommend it for any contractor. It won’t get you to being certified but certainly will give you the information needed to assess a mold situation and take action.

The author is an expert at mold abatement and gives a good overview of the different kinds of mold and their effects. He also outlines how to clean mold safely and effectively. He provides lots of useful resources and proffessional insight.

Being a Brooklyn green contractor, Eco Brooklyn comes across a fair share of mold in badly renovated or old brownstone renovations. It is important to know how to remove mold effectively and safely because if you don’t it will come right back.

Mold is tenacious and spreads its imperceptible yet toxic spores into the air where they can irritate and even make humans sick.

The book provides enough information for a homeowner to deal with small areas of mold. It is also a great book for any good green contractor to have at their disposal since it lists all the mold remediation resources an contractor would need.

We find it very useful in our work.

mold9576.JPG (388×291)

Here water has seeped in from a badly weather sealed exterior wall and caused the ingredients for mold