We have been working on the first slated Passive House in Harlem, Manhattan, for a couple months now. It was a complete burnt out shell when we started. Since then we have cleaned it out, put in floors, stairs and a roof. Check out the pics below.


In this Passive House project we are exploring ways to incorporate fully recycled materials as well as the standard PH techniques. So far we have had good results.

We built a wall from the cellar to the roof  against the front and back exterior brick walls out of salvaged insulation. To do this we removed the joists nearest the exterior walls. The end result is one unbroken insulated wall on the front and back exterior walls (the ones that get hot and cold).


Insulation on and between the framing:


Showing the space between the floor and the outside wall (which we will fill in later):


We then mortared the joists in place and then sealed around them with felt tape and mortar. This is to stop any possible air leaking in around the joists.


Felt tape:


More felt tape:


Felt tape covered with plaster: