I heard somewhere that the building industry is more honest than other industries when it comes to greenwashing. Building only lies 96% of the time as opposed to the average of 98%.

I don’t know if that is true but Eco Brooklyn tries not to focus on negative elements like greenwashing or environmental destruction because it would be too damn depressing. So we focus on solutions almost exclusively. If you want to know how bad a state the world is in there are plenty of sources for that. Solutions are not as abundant.

But I just got such a prime example of blatant greenwashing I just had to share it. What these people are selling is so far from environmentally friendly that I can only think it is an open joke. The people selling know it is a joke, the people buying know it is a joke, and the whole thing is a farce to make more money with wanton disregard for anyone or anything but themselves.

So here is the email I got. From a guy called “Jay Rich”. I kept it’s formatting since it is so hideous:

Subject:  Luxe Interiors + Design celebrates living GREEN with its SPECIAL EDITION…LUXE.ECO

Dear Sir or Madam,

Sustainable living is luxe, and Luxe Interiors + Design celebrates living green.

Poised to debut in May 2012, Luxe.ECO will feature the cutting edge of sustainable high-end design, building and luxury products, showcasing award-winning initiatives by internationally known interior designers, architects and custom home builders.

Luxe.ECO will be mailed to a proprietary list of top trade professionals including architects, interior designers and custom home builders.

Our wealthiest homeowners nationwide (450,000 high net worth subscribers in total) who have expressed an interest in sustainable design will receive copies as well.

Requested copies for distribution will also include design centers, select showrooms and targeted trade, consumer and green events.

As audited by Wealth Engine, our readers have an average household income of $388,000, an average net worth of $11.7 million and an average real estate value of $1.5 million.  This demographic has the drive, initiative and means to make a considerable impact.

Nationwide, Luxe.ECO will also be available at Hudson News, Barnes & Noble and at private airports.

  • ·        Luxe Interiors + Design is up over 2010 with a 37.6% increase atBarnes & Noble!
  • ·        Luxe Interiors + Design sales at all the Hudson Newsstands are UP 78.5% for the first  8 months of 2011 versus the first 8 months of 2010!

I am currently scheduling 30 minute appointments beginning January 2, 2012 to discuss this SPECIAL EDITION of Luxe Interiors & Design.

Rates as low as $495 to advertise in our first ever Luxe.ECO annual edition.

Media kit upon request.

Feel free to email or call me prior to the New Year to book a date/time that is most convenient for you.

Best regards,

Jay Rich
Senior Account Executive
LUXE Interiors + Design

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