Here is a cool window shade made out of a box and semi wild plants. It shows how we can put plants in a lot more places that the hyper manicured garden. Window sills, ledges, above doors, on walls, as fences….plants can be part of our building structure just as we use other materials to create space.

Brooklyn brownstones have such great nooks and crannies where we can put local plants that need no maintenance. It just takes a little prep to create the soil container so that the humidity does not seep into the building. The results are added protection from the weather, more places for birds, bees and other animals to live, improved air, and more beauty.

Needless to say we are big fans of creatively adding flora to a Brownstone environment and it is a large part of our focus. We call ourselves “installers of garden heroics”, because hanging off the side of a brownstone to put soil and plants on a ledge isn’t exactly your normal gardener’s cup of tea. But we love it. It is a great mix of performance art, landscape art and environmental activism.

One of our favorite type of plant to install is any kind of cascading ground cover that becomes a living waterfall falling over the side of the planter.

green sill in Brooklyn