Green Roof Contracting

Carroll Gardens Green Roof



Green roofs are partially or fully covered habitats for vegetation and other organisms that aesthetically, biologically, and ethically enrich your elevated space.

As a green contractor, Eco Brooklyn Inc. is proud to be one of the few companies that install green roofs in New York City without sacrificing the integrity of your structure.

Green Roofs add valuable space to your home while limiting your environmental footprint.

Our approach creates a micro-climate of milder temperatures and beautiful living spaces.

Eco Brooklyn’s designs mimic the natural ecosystem and reduces rain water runoff while limiting the heat island effect.

5 Replies to “Green Roof Contracting”

  1. I live in Birmingham, AL. Does the grass roof tile stay green year round? Does the grass tolerate direct sun year round?

  2. Good Afternoon. I own a brownstone in Brooklyn. My roof needs to repaired. I’m wondering if your organization does traditional roof repair in additon to the ‘greening’. I would be interested in an estimate. P

  3. i’m interested in getting an estimate to green our roof- we are a small brooklyn coop

    i’d love more info about what you do

  4. We would like to build an experimental green house for HYDROPONICS on a manufacturing facility in Queens. Please kindly give us some information and a rough quote for a 1000 square foot space, thank you.

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