As a New York green roof installer we may be doing more than reducing storm-water runoff and energy costs when we install a green roof on a NY building. It turns out that green roofs are also excellent at stopping Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This is a good thing since there is no shortage of EMF’s in NYC. It seems every rooftop is littered with radio transmitters and the like.

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Formerly believed to effect only thermal levels in humans as represented in international exposure limits, electromagnetic frequencies are currently believed by experts to have a multitude of negative health effects on the body. The International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection has published safety levels or guidelines to ensure that exposure to radiation from base-stations involved in telecommunications does not result in an adverse degree of body heating that will exceed what the body’s thermoregulatory mechanism can deal with thus limiting the allotted radiation intensity. With permitted radiation levels being too low to effect the thermoregulatory system of the body it can only be concluded that non-thermal influences associated with electromagnetic frequencies surrounding base-stations are responsible for adverse health effects on the biochemistry and electromagnetic sensitivity of the human body which is characterized by a frequency similar to those found in GSM/TETRA signals (systems of telecommunications) and varies by individual.

Living organisms are sensitive bodies that can recognize and discern the presence of external electromagnetic radiation due to biological oscillatory electrical activities that exist within our bodies. Internal electrical pulses in each living organism are essential to biocommunication and the control and regulation of bioprocesses essential to the health and functionality of the brain and body. Specifically, the human body can detect electromagnetic fields millions of times weaker than those found around GSM/TETRA base-stations. Therefore this functionality is likely to be impaired by exposure to radiation of sub-thermal intensity that contains bioactive frequencies.

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Tests performed on rats concluded that the GSM frame repetition rateof 217Hz is similar to coherent electrical oscillations found in the rat’s hippocampus, effectively influencing learning, memory, spatial awareness, and epilepsy. Low frequencies or pulses emitted by GSM/TETRA base-stations have been found to influence human mood and behavior ranging from depression to rage.

Specific effects manifested in the human body associated with electromagnetic radiation exposure around base-stations include, but are not limited to: reduction of melatonin released from the pineal gland, sleeping disorders, headaches, memory problems, anxiety, nose bleeds, “unexplained” clusters of human cancers, nose bleeds, compromised immune system, nocturnal hallucinations, and a reduction of the white blood cell neutrophil. Non-thermal radiation adversely effects brain function, electrical activity, electro-chemistry, and the blood/brain barrier (BBB) via alteration of the natural rhythm of electrical activity in the brain, disturbance of the delicate balance of chemicals in the brain – specifically the dopamine opiate system, increased permeability of the BBB therein facilitating the passage of chemical toxins from the blood into brain fluid. Increased permeability of the BBB caused by EMR is directly associated with the appearance of dark neurons indicating damage to brain cells and can result in reduced brain reserve capacity. REM sleep and nocturnal secretion of melatonin are noted as being effected by EMR and both effects can correspond to sleep disruption and concentration problems. In addition to being an oncostatic hormone, melatonin can block the effect of exposure to low intensity microwaves on DNA fragmentation subsequently reducing interference of microwave radiation on DNA replication and the natural repair of normal DNA breakage. Reduced melatonin levels directly alter molecular conformation in DNA and can allow microwave radiation to interfere with these essential processes.

While many symptoms have been dismissed as merely psychosomatic the recorded observance of neutrophil depletion and BBB issues supports the theory that sub-thermal radiation associated with base-station frequencies have actual effects on biological oscillatory electrical activities within living organisms.

With the proliferation of telecommunication devices, transmission towers are now commonly located on top of buildings where we live and work. Studies conclude that green roofs, and specifically the vegetation, are shown to reduce and essentially eliminate electromagnetic radiation penetration via absorption during chemical processes that may be encouraging for buildings with rooftop telecommunications equipment. Green roofs have been found to block almost all incoming and in some cases outgoing electromagnetic radiation. Reducing our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation with green roofs can have significant heath benefits.

EcoBblog1 pics6 The most popular location for base-stations is atop the roofs of schools

So if you are concerned about EMF exposure for yourself or your children, it may be worth looking into a green roof for your building.

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