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We’re a big fan of #parkpuns, and an even bigger fan of all the awesome work our #BayArea members like the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County are doing to protect the environment. So this Friday we’re featuring 6 of our member organizations in a fun quiz game to be held on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace from 11:30a-1:30p for #OSCQuizFridays. You’ll be a step ahead if you can figure out what we mean by a “fruitful” partnership.
@malt_ag is taking us to Hollywood and a galaxy far, far away for this week’s #OSCQuizFridays. If you think you’ve got your space movie trivia on lock (or have Google handy) join us on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace this Friday from 11:30a-1:30p for the quiz!
How to make a key rack from door latches by @terracycle's very own Chief Design Junkie, Tiffany Threadgould! #upcycle #recycle
It is definitely time to utilize our #renewable #resources! #Ecofact
Want a chance to wine FREE goodies like t-shirts and pop up travel size dog bowls?? Enter our Green Festival Non GMO photo contest via our Facebook page or show up at the cafe in #chicago this weekend to upload your pics instantly for a chance to win!!
Will this sign hang above your booth? Tell your fans to vote! The winner will be announced at 3:30 on Sunday at the Green Festival Stage!
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Council Member Carlos Menchaca, our #RedHook Local Leaders and more at NYCHA #Sandy update meeting last night. #NYC #NonProfit

Green roof mat

Last week we met the representative from Kawasaki Greenhouses to check out their new green roof product. It is a pregrown green roof mat that is light-weight and easy to handle. They grow the sedum on coconut jute, which is basically like a stringy organic fiber sponge. The end result is very similar to mats of grass sod, although instead of grass you have a low and thick layer of sedum plants.

photo 5 e1354569376927 768x1024 Green roof mat

The green roof mat is very light and easy to work with. It bends easily without being damaged – makes it easy to install a green roof on a brownstone.

What we liked about the product is that it allows for an easy plug and play application because once laid the roof looks like it has been there for years. Their sedum choice, although not native to the NY area, is varied and colorful and picked to be hardy and low maintenance.

 Green roof mat

Notice the coconut jute. Very cool natural green roof option.

As a green roof installer, we are always interested in new products and we feel this one looks promising. We would use it on a roof that can not handle much weight and where the client needs immediate satisfaction.

The one bit of feedback we gave them is that we prefer to use only native sedum. They said they’d look into it.

Their product is similar to Sedum Master

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2 comments to Green roof mat

  • Yes, there are many native sedum; however, there are also plenty of shale barren and rock outcrop species that are also great candidates. Selaginella rupestris, for example, is a great fern ally that turns red in winter, shrivels in dry weather then ressurects when it rains. Fameflower, is a beautiful succulent with sprays of fuscia pink flowers. There are even cold hardy agaves, like Manfreda virginica with aloe like leaves and intensely fragrant blooms. I think people just need to spend more time doing the research by looking at the native habitats that are similar to rooftops already and then getting nurseries to produce these great plants. That’s what we’re trying to do in our area, and I’d be glad to share any of our research with you (or anyone else).

  • Hi Gennaro,

    couple thoughts on your remarks above. The mats and tiles like Craig’s and Sedum Master’s (and ours, we grow them too) are not designed for install without further soil beneath them. They are lightweight, but you have to have media beneath or they will die quickly. As for native sedums, there are only a very few sedums that are native to the US, and none are tolerant of full sun. They are shade species, and do not form dense ground coverage, so a native-only sedum mat is not actually a good product. According to soil depth and shade levels, there are lots of other native plants that can do well on green roofs, even very shallow ones, but sedums is the wrong path.

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