Navigating the maze of paperwork to get the New York Green Roof and Solar Tax abatement can be confusing, and we’re green roof and solar installers! Below is a list of all you need. The process is pretty simple once you figure it out. Any New York green roof installer and solar panel installer needs to know this stuff. The same goes for a  Brooklyn green roof installer and solar panel installer since they fall under the same jurisdiction.

The site has a pretty accurate outline of all that is needed.

Check the DOB page out for FAQ

If you really want the nitti gritti on the laws check out this dense PDF

To start the tax abatement process get this checklist page

If you want to contact somebody about green roof and solar installation tax abatement info then email:

They will send you all the links again. 🙂

Basically apart from all the paperwork the key number is 3 inches of green roof depth. Anything below that number and you don’t need to submit architect or engineer plans. Anything above and you do. You still need to have an engineer or architect inspection but no plans.