Here is the list of sedum we installed on the Brooklyn green show house green roof installation. We got them from, a great source of green roof plants. We picked these sedum because they will do well in Brooklyn.

Sedum acre, a yellow-flowered, short-statured plant that does well on cold climate roofs, or in shade, White flowers, green foliage
Ground cover, does well on cold climate roofs, or in shade


SEDUM ALBUM ‘coral carpet’
Sedum album, a real green roof workhorse, this has white flowers every June, and can be counted on to spread well even in shallow media.


SEDUM HISPANICUM – full sun-3”
forms very low, dense, carpets and mounds with its tiny blue leaves, which change color from green to purple depending on water and nutrient conditions.


SEDUM KAMSCHATICUM, another green roof workhorse, with yellow flowers every June, 6-10 inches tall.


SEDUM SPURIUM ‘FULDAGLUT’ in flower. Another popular choice for roofs, can tolerate even 2 inches of media.


SEDUM SPURIUM ‘VOODOO’ is the reddest sedum year-round, with red leaves and red flowers in July.


We also got a big box of mixed clipping sedum:


And we planted a succulent that survived in a little coffee cup plastic pot through all last winter and summer on the job site. We didn’t water it. For months on end it would lie on its side collecting cement dust and occasionally being stepped on. But incredibly it flourished and tripled in size. I found it hidden beneath some junk and it is now the garden mascot.