The materials needed for a Brooklyn green roof are varied. If you are dealing with a brownstone there are real weight requirements to contend with. We have removed the roof and built a stronger one but that is cost prohibitive in many cases.

Simply removing the 80 years of accumulated tar is often a simple solution. Our engineers lets us know what the best option is.

Either way we are constantly researching the newest materials on the market. Our considerations are of course price, as well as water management (either draining or retention), soil composition (for weight and nutrition) and root barrier.

Our point man for this research is Robie, who keeps on top of the new products on the market. He prices them, determines delivery times and orders so that on the day of the install we have all the materials we need.

Timing is crucial since we are dealing with live plant cuttings. Cuttings only have a shelf life of a day or two out of the soil so we can’t afford to have late deliveries or be short on materials. When the cuttings arrive they go straight to the fridge until we are ready to scatter them on the roof.