Here is a useful booklet on green roof installation. It lays out the different options depending on the growing medium thickness and drainage requirements. Although it is a booklet created by to sell their product it is an excellent booklet on how to install green roofs.

We are green roof installers in Brooklyn, which means a lot of our green roof installations are residential brownstone green roofs with a gentle pitch and shallow growing medium. This means we don’t need fancy drainage or soil retention techniques. The structural requirements are pretty basic and the foliage is mostly low laying sedum.

That is what we love about doing green roof installations on a Brooklyn brownstone – it is simple, which means it is affordable, which means more people do it, which means we turn more of Brooklyn’s roof tops green. It is a nice chain of events.

The key is to keep the process simple and affordable so that it is readilly accessible to middle class people who even thought they might be sitting on a million dollar brownstone but don’t actually have much positive cash flow.