We are designing a green roof in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for buildings that are joint condominiums. The total roof area is about 7000 sq.ft. Two design ideas are being thrown around, one with the walkway along the front wall perimeter and the other along the center of the buildings.

The original idea was to have it along the front perimiter wall. But then we realized the border wall between the buildings would raise the walkway and create a safety issue of people possibly falling off the building. To resolve that we had to design a complicated walkway.

To avoid all that we redisigned it in simpler terms along the center of the buildings. This is our preferred option.

The roof has low laying sedum. In our renderings we colored it in two ways:a warm yellow and a more green color. This is to show the variations you can have depending on your choice of sedum. There is a large variety ranging from yellow, red and green.

Next to the bulkheads we designed some planters. These give visual and wind protection. There are some building exhaust ducts that would be covered by the planters. The planters would have local plants that could be watered by runoff from the roof of the bulkhead.

Once we settle on the design we will build the roof in stages. There are four buildings. As the tenants of a building decide they are ready we will build on that roof until all four are eventually covered.

Here is the roof now
park slope brooklyn green roof installation condominium

A. Here is our design:

green roof brooklyn instalation

A1. The same design with a different color sedum:

brooklyn green roof installer brooklyn

B. Top View with center walkway:

green roof sedum, park slope brooklyn installation

C. Example of deck and planters:

brooklyn green roof installer

D. Example of deck and perimeter walkway:

new york green roof installer

E. Top View with perimeter walkway

green roof brooklyn green roof installer

F. View of perimeter of green roof

green roof brooklyn green roof installer border

G. The last building does not have a bulkhead so Nick the architect drew up an alternate design where we would cover the roof with sedum and a deck. As you can see it looks great but the the plan we really suggest is to build the bulkhead so that those tenants can also have access to the deck.

Brooklyn green roof installation, green sedum,

H. Another view of the roof without bulkhead:

New York green roof installation

All renderings by Nicholas Liberis