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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein. Picture from @BricePortolano_ #TenderJaws #ecoquote #TerraCycle
Have a safe ride home everyone! Check out this #motorized #trike by #ChrisGilmour made out of corrugated #cardboard boxes! #TerraCycle #upcycle
I compare you to a kids from a rose on the gray.
😄Tell us why do you garden❓ -------------------------------------Since a year we are sharing our visions, projects and gardening success. In our today meeting we where wondering why do you like gardening? Where is this passion from? We had different thoughts and we start a gentle argue...💏... To finally decide to ask you. Probably the cleverer decision of the day! So guys, why did you start gardening and what push you everyday to go out again? Thank you in advance! Bertrand, your community manager 💚
This piano was upcycled into a tiny bar! Double tap if you like this idea. Check out for some more upcycled ideas #upcycled #repurposed #bar #TerraCycle #househoneys #piano
Framing with the @breakawaybuilders crew today. #buildsomething it good for the soul.
Look at the reflection of these cans! This is the shadow art by Tim Nobel and Sue Webster. Use your trash to make shadow art!#TimNobel #SueWebster #Shadowart #upcycle #TerraCycle

Green Roof Drainage Mat

What is the best drainage mat for a green roof on a Brooklyn Brownstone? That is the burning question in our minds right now. Price, recycled materials, water retention, water drainage and shipping distance are some of the considerations in our search for the ideal mat.

Robie Anson is Eco Brooklyn’s current R&D guy for green roofs. Here is what he found today:

I found a drainage layer with deeper reservoirs and a root barrier built in. I e-mailed but didn’t get a response, so not sure on pricing, but it looked good:

American Hydrotech makes a drain layer for extensive/intensive roofs that appears to retain even more water: (nearly 3 times that of the Tremco product). This looked like it might work too (and be cheaper) but there’s no info. on water retention. Again, no pricing info.

JDrain makes some products that I think would work and may be cheaper (esp. if we use the standard 400 series, rather than the GRS) — I’m just not clear on water retention for the 400. (For the GRS, retention is not as high as the AH GR30.) Check here for options:

The search continues…..

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