Here is a useful list of policies put into action by our gov that affect green building. The list is courtesy of Green Homes NYC

A. 10684 / S. 8134
Sponsors: Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) / Maziarz (R-Niagara)
Signed Into Law: 9/25/08
Creates a new NYSERDA grant program to provide incentives for green residential construction and renovation. Grant amounts will be based on a number of considerations, and may not exceed $7,500 for one-family and two-family homes, $11,250 for buildings with three to six dwelling units, and $15,000 for buildings with more than six units. No owner can receive more than $120,000 in a calendar year. The program is still under development.

A. 11202 / S. 8145
Sponsors: Farrell (D-New York) / Padavan (R-Queens)
Signed Into Law: 8/5/08
Creates a four-year tax abatement for the construction of a solar electric generating system in connection with a class one, two or four building in NYC. Systems in service before January 1, 2011 are eligible for a tax abatement of 8-3/4% of eligible expenditures per year for four years, systems in service between January 1, 2011 and January 1, 2013, are eligible for 5% abatement. Abatements are limited to the lesser of the amount of taxes payable or $62,500 per year.

A. 8669 / S. 2000
Sponsors: Jeffries (D-Kings) / Parker (D-Kings)
No action in committee
Would amend the NYS Green Building Tax Credit to further extend its provisions to residential construction. The existing tax credits range from 5% to 8% of the cost of construction or renovation, with additional incentives for photovoltaics and fuel cells.

A. 7365
Sponsor: Sweeney (D-Suffolk)
Passed the Assembly, no action in the Senate
Would dedicate any funds raised from auctioning CO emissions allowances through RGGI to support a range of energy efficiency programs, including those to reduce residential electric utility costs and to utilize renewable energy.
Quite a bit….the state also took steps to further incentivize generation of renewable energy, build green affordable housing, and incentivize green roofs (described in an earlier post).