I just came across this craigslist add with the title:

green building materials delivered-brooklyn (red hook)

Being a green contractor in Carroll Gardens right next door to Red Hook, I thought, “Cool! I can get green building materials delivered to our job site!”

The add went on to read:

“Hello, we are a green company specializing in home delivery of quality building materials (Brooklyn only). We carry over 4 2 0 of the top brands including but not limited to jack herrer, sour deisel, and kush. Please leave us a name and number and we will get back to you asap. Thank you and have a green day.”

Hmm…I thought, “jack herrer, sour deisel, and kush”?

I’m pretty well versed in green building materials and names but I’ve never heard of those….

A quick Google revealed that I am so not a stoner. jack herrer, sour deisel, and kush are names for pot!

A pot delivery service advertising in full view, how cool is that!

How they get away with it so publicly is beyond me. But I think it is great they do. My father soothed his arthritis for years with pot.

I don’t however plan on getting any deliveries to my job site. That is the last thing I want my workers doing on site. And I don’t care if they think it makes them work better. It is all in their mind believe me.