I interview a lot of people and I always ask them if they are a green builder….what is a green builder?

For me a green builder is that unique person who chooses green building over many other opportunities. They have the talent to play the piano, they have the offer to run a restaurant, they inherit a car wash company….but they do none of that.

Their calling in life is to better the environment, the people and the world through building green. They are passionate about it. They see it more as a political moral calling than a job. It must be done, needs to be done, and will be done.

They will build green no matter what it takes because the well being of the world and themselves depends on it.

For the green builder building is a tool to fulfill their moral obligation to heal the badly injured world.

In Brooklyn this means radically altering the way a brownstone is run, everything from the Solar PV and thermal on the roof, the bee hove and chickens in the back yard, the gray water system, the toilet composting, the rainwater harvesting for potable water.

All these are moral imperatives for the green builder. To turn all Brooklyn brownstones to greenstones is a life passion.