Great Kitchens is a special edition magazine put out by Taunton. They do the Fine Homebuilding mag.

Great Kitchens is a good source of kitchen ideas. The one thing is that if you are renovating a kitchen in Brooklyn and NY your sense of scale is way off.

They had a section on “Small Kitchens” and every one of them was larger than your average fancy NY kitchen. What we consider large in Brooklyn and NY is considered small elsewhere in the US.

And the mags’ “normal sized kitchen” was a sprawling courtyard of countertops and cabinets. The kitchen islands alone could comfortably seat Jesus and his disciples for a spacious supper.

They had some ideas on green kitchens, mostly about no formadahyde and FSC (joke) sourced wood. But they kept it real and for the most part their green kitchens were. They had a couple sections on how to keep your existing kitchen and just spruce it up. You can’t get greener than that.