The book Graywater, the Next Wave is one of many graywater books I have read in my ongoing search for a viable graywater system for Brooklyn brownstones.

The book offers a great beginners introduction on how to build a residential graywater drainage system.

It doesn’t answer my questions thought. Firstly because they flat out state that gray water should not be used to flush toilets. They have a point. But I am looking for a way to use graywater in toilets without making the system overly built.

My experiences with Brac Graywater Systems, which sells a horribly overbuilt and basically useless system has taught me that the only way graywater will work in a Brooklyn brownstone is if it is so simple and foolproof that you can basically install it and walk away.

I have not found the right design for this but am getting damn close. This book helped me on that path.