Gowanus Sewage

Here is a great video of sewage overflowing into the Gowanus Canal. Very graphic! I have been a member of the Gowanus Dregders Canoe club for years and after seeing this video admit that perhaps I have been a little too nonchalant about the actual toxic state of the canal.

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  1. Friend says:

    The DEP is replacing an old 30” diameter sewage line as part of their Gowanus Project. They are asking us to believe that that new pipe will accommodate 1/3rd of the CSO mess (even after the Ratner Atlantic Yards Project is built). Re-watch the video and imagine just how much of that brown flow might be taken up in one 30” pipe, in real time. A question has been asked for years now: the Flushing Tunnel is 12 feet in diameter, why are they only running a dinky 30” diameter pipe inside the Tunnel to carry the crap away from the canal?

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  1. […] The canal continues to be polluted today by toxins that are still leaching from the former industrial sites, street surface runoff, and combined sewage outflows (CSOs). CSOs are the city’s solution to flooding. When a rain is so heavy that a water treatment center cannot support the inflow of water, it will release a combination of raw sewage and rainwater into the ocean. (Watch a video) […]

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