Gowanus Sewage

Here is a great video of sewage overflowing into the Gowanus Canal. Very graphic! I have been a member of the Gowanus Dregders Canoe club for years and after seeing this video admit that perhaps I have been a little too nonchalant about the actual toxic state of the canal.

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  1. Friend - September 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    The DEP is replacing an old 30” diameter sewage line as part of their Gowanus Project. They are asking us to believe that that new pipe will accommodate 1/3rd of the CSO mess (even after the Ratner Atlantic Yards Project is built). Re-watch the video and imagine just how much of that brown flow might be taken up in one 30” pipe, in real time. A question has been asked for years now: the Flushing Tunnel is 12 feet in diameter, why are they only running a dinky 30” diameter pipe inside the Tunnel to carry the crap away from the canal?

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