When this whole things started I didn’t know if I was pro or con the Gowanus Superfund designation. I now know that my uncertainty was due to very well funded PR information that almost managed to pull me away from my common sense that immediately thought a superfund designation for Gowanus would be a good thing.

There is some big money behind trying to stop the designation of the Gowanus Canal. And then you have grass roots information. Sometimes it is hard to tell which is which.

There were two articles circulating late this week in the “carroll gardens courier”:

Article !

Article 2

Last week there was a ‘mysterious, slick flyer’ sent to all our houses in the Carroll Gardens area. It was funded by the toll brothers and full of deliberate misinformation. It made the NY times last week via a local blog, Pardon Me For Asking.

also there is a new mini documentary on the canal that the EPA said they were happy to see

and lastly another article in the NY times on the canal superfund effort

see also the www.superfundgowanus.org site for their petition and the EPA stuff.

Bottom line, the Carroll Gardens community wants the Gowanus Canal Superfund Designation. A small group of developers don’t. Don’t Believe the Hype.