I’m happy to say that NY is an exception to the rule that using wood isn’t green
due to the Gotham Forest we have here:
millions of board feet of old growth lumber sitting in the frames of old
buildings just waiting to be harvested and reused. I simply have to drive
around to dumpsters to get pretty much all the wood I need.

And I don’t care what sticklers for protocol say, this untested
unrated ugly wood is better than the stamped wood you get today. And
we’re just talking strength. Never mind regional materials, building
reuse, recycled, salvaged, keeping from landfill etc.

But you have to tread carefully around inspectors because
this is all new and as of yet they still can’t afford to make any
difference between an honest green builder and a dishonest builder
trying to cut corners (no pun intended) by using cheap old wood.