David Lucassen from NEXIS 3 talking shop

I have been looking for some time for a good green cabinet maker to do our kitchens and storage areas.

It is a hard thing to find. Cabinet makers are not cheap to start with but for some misguided reason green cabinet makers are even more expensive. They are a niche market in a niche market.

But cabinets are a huge source of wasted wood and used chemicals so they are very important in a green renovation.

I think I may have found a good company. They are called Nexis 3. Their quality is great, they have a really strong green ethic and their prices are reasonable. I think they really have all the qualities needed to make green cabinets mainstream.

I am working out the details with them and if the budget permits it we will be putting their cabintes in the Brooklyn green show house: two kittchens and all the closets.

They use recycled wood, smart building techniques to conserve resources, and non-voc adhesives. Oh, and they have German roots for those of you who worship the German green tradition. Did you know that the German green political party has been super powerful for years? That says a lot for me about where their priorities are (we’ll just ignore the whole AutoBan thing).