Globalization, Not for a Green Nation

Eco Brooklyn recently attended and donated money to a fundraiser helping the Paititi Institute raise money to buy 2000 acres of endangered forest in Peru. Being a New York contractor, we understand a lot of the impact we have is not actually local but often thousands of miles away. When we refuse to build a deck out of Ipe and instead install locally salvaged Black Locust decking we are saving part of a rain-forest in Brazil from further Ipe deforestation. From New York green builders to Amazonian Indians, we are all intricately connected. We always have been, but now with high speed transportation and communication, a swath of Amazonian Ipe forest can be felled, shipped and delivered to NYC in a matter of days. Something to think about next time you are buying something from abroad….So here is a big PLUG for the Paititi Institute and their great efforts to save 2000 acres of wildlife from loggers and developers.

Consider donating and check out what the Paititi Institute is up to…

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