I just graduated from the nine month training by the National Sustainable Building Advisor Program. The program is for working professionals so the benefits of the class come just as much from the content as from other students.

The students were construction leaders from many fields: HVAC, environmental remediation, architecture, furniture, design and a lot more. It made for a really rich meeting of the minds.

The content is focused on being an advisor in green building projects. As such the course offers a powerful framework  to look at any building project and understand the key elements needed to turn the project into a successful green enterprise.

I took the course because of its long timeline. Nine months allowed us to really get to know each other and digest the information slowly.

I also appreciated the real commitment to green building the course offered. Compare that to something like LEED where it feels more like a game in filling out forms and getting plaques. The NaSBAP’s core was purely about making a better green environment and that is something I really appreciated.

I got a lot of useful information I plan on applying to Eco Brooklyn’s focus on Brooklyn green brownstones.

I really enjoyed the course and recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a green building leader.