I had an odd visitor to the Brooklyn green show house yesterday – a Corcoran real estate agent. It is odd because your typical Corcoran agent still has their head in the sand thinking luxury condos are great.

So I was pleasantly surprised to meet Gene who is actually pretty honest and down to earth. For an agent that says something.

He has an interest in green building and went as far as getting the Eco Broker accreditation to increase his awareness of green real estate. he’s also a LEED AP.

Being an eco minded real estate agent is a rare breed. I’m a real estate broker and an Eco Broker too so I appreciate where he is coming from. In fact I was the first Eco Broker in Brooklyn. Sure you’ve got real estate agents who speak green, but you get the feeling they would speak any color as long as it made money.

If you want the great infrastructure of Corcoran (they do have the best web site in town) without the luxury condo BS then check out Gene. He just might have a green house to sell you.