If you ever lay in bed at night like I do wondering how efficient a gas fireplace is then wonder no more. all_about_gas_fireplaces-1

Put out by the Canadian Government it gives you everything you need to know about gas fireplaces:

How to rate their efficiency

The different kinds of venting

Why to avoid the new and cool non-vented fireplaces

And a million of other useful insights.

Canada, being a lot colder than the USA, tends to be a lot more intelligent in how they heat and insulate their homes than the USA.

We were going to have a gas fireplace in our Brooklyn green show house. As a real estate broker I know that houses with fireplaces can be worth $5,000-$15,000 more.

People like fireplaces. It is associated with luxury and comfort.

And a fireplace in Brooklyn makes a lot of sense. It gets cold in the winter and a fireplace is a great and comfy way to heat the brownstone.

We just decided against it for the show house since it has radiant heat. We wouldn’t need the fireplace for heating so it seems an unneeded building step. The greenest building is to not build at all.

And since radiant floors are so cozy anyway the house doesn’t really need the comfy element of a fireplace.

But if you are looking to heat your Brooklyn brownstone then an efficient gas fireplace might be a great alternative. Check out this pamphlet and contact us if you need an energy efficient gas fireplace installer. That’s us 🙂