FSC is a Fraud

From a chat list:
FSC is a fraud. Unreliable at best, false and fraudulent at worst. Don’t take my word for it–just ask some of the FSC-certified timber corporations–Tembec, Precious Woods, et al. Go to the Rainforest Foundation UK web site. There are a host of environmental non-profits fighting the FSC–even Rainforest Action Network, who helped found them, is backing off in disgust. The original vision was a way to help indigenous and community-run small-time ops; then the WWF stepped in and started certifying big industrial ops, some who offered promises of future reforms and some who didn’t even bother to do that…

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2 comments on “FSC is a Fraud
  1. Alexander Yakovlev says:

    During judicial trial of protection of trademark in the district court Braunschweig (Germany), representatives of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have confessed to the FSC certification system does not correspond some guarantee of sustainable forest management . As be noted in judgment of the court that production which accompanies with such certificates are not without fail from source of legal forest management.

  2. monica says:

    good to know

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