Fracking, the toxic method of squeezing gas out of the ground is yet another coffin nail in the long line of destructive activities that the oil and gas industries have wreaked on our planet.

Check out this cool video below. Get active against Fracking.  New York and New Jersey have more Fracking going on than any other place in the country. What does that mean? Toxic water, cancer, dead fish. The nasty list goes on. All so we can heat our homes to high temperatures while not bothering to weather seal them.

The connection I’m making is that the gas and oil companies who, granted, are capitalism at its worst are simply meeting a demand – our demand. Like spoiled children we want what we want and don’t care what it takes to get it.

The bottom line is that if we want to stop fracking in the long run we need to seal up our homes, use high efficiency heating and drastically reduce our demand for gas. In the short run a lot is already too late and desperate measures of gathering petitions, calling politicians, and any other act of attention getting are needed.

We can’t trust the greed of corporate shareholders who are safely removed from the means by which their profits are gotten to become better people. They are alienated from the reality of how their money is made. By “they” I mean anyone who owns stocks, which is A LOT of us.

We need to worry about our end. Stop the demand, stop the flow of money to the oil and gas companies. As long as ourmoney is flowing towards these companies there will be evil acts of corporate destruction.

As a New York green contractor we focus a lot on this in our green brownstone renovations. Before we look at green technologies like solar power and high efficiency boilers we focus on REDUCING the need for these things in the first place through lots of insulation, weathersealing and other load reducing techniques.

Check out the map and info at, a really great organization.