I am having a hard time finding studies for or against the health impact of fiberglass, specifically the little glass fibers in peoples’ lungs.

Here is a little conspiracy theory I am thinking up as I write:

The big companies that made asbestos told everyone it was safe. Then they all claimed bankruptcy when the lawsuits started piling in so they wouldn’t have to pay them. This is pretty well documented.

But where did those companies go? Where did the managers go? Did they all change careers and work at Burger King?

These are companies and people who know insulation.

My guess is they started new companies selling insulation. Only this time they picked less troublesome (for them, that is) material like…..fiberglass.

I’m not saying Fiberglass is a major hidden form of cancer and that the big companies are keeping it under wraps.

I am saying that they did it once with asbestos. And my common sense tells me that prolonged exposure to little glass needles is going to do damage to the lungs….yet the companies claim it won’t…..my little bullshit radars are buzzing a little.

I’m not coming to any conclusions but I’m going to stop recommending fiberglass to my clients. I only recommend formaldehyde free fiberglass and only when the client has allergies to cellulose. But from now on I will recommend the more expensive cotton insulation instead formaldehyde free fiberglass.