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We’re a big fan of #parkpuns, and an even bigger fan of all the awesome work our #BayArea members like the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County are doing to protect the environment. So this Friday we’re featuring 6 of our member organizations in a fun quiz game to be held on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace from 11:30a-1:30p for #OSCQuizFridays. You’ll be a step ahead if you can figure out what we mean by a “fruitful” partnership.
@malt_ag is taking us to Hollywood and a galaxy far, far away for this week’s #OSCQuizFridays. If you think you’ve got your space movie trivia on lock (or have Google handy) join us on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace this Friday from 11:30a-1:30p for the quiz!
How to make a key rack from door latches by @terracycle's very own Chief Design Junkie, Tiffany Threadgould! #upcycle #recycle
It is definitely time to utilize our #renewable #resources! #Ecofact
Want a chance to wine FREE goodies like t-shirts and pop up travel size dog bowls?? Enter our Green Festival Non GMO photo contest via our Facebook page or show up at the cafe in #chicago this weekend to upload your pics instantly for a chance to win!!
Will this sign hang above your booth? Tell your fans to vote! The winner will be announced at 3:30 on Sunday at the Green Festival Stage!
Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, Council Member Carlos Menchaca, our #RedHook Local Leaders and more at NYCHA #Sandy update meeting last night. #NYC #NonProfit


We are not hiring right now so the text below isn’t up to date. But feel free to read it and if you are interested you are welcome to contact us just in case. You are always welcome to apply to our internship program.

We are a quickly growing green building company looking for passionate green builders to join our team. We want to turn Brooklyn into a green utopia and we need the best green builders in the world to do it. We have huge idealistic long term goals and we will achieve them with people who are also big thinkers, idealistic and willing to be with us for the long term.

We are looking for people who:
Love green building, who study it, practice it, live it and breathe it.
Have solid experience in traditional building as well as alternative green building.
Are green builders regardless of whether it is cool or not.
Are smart financially but are not in it just for the money.
Passionately believe it is the only moral and logical thing to do.
Think the world has been mistreated for too long and that building green is now a mater of survival.
Want to turn every Brownstone into a Greenstone – gray water, green roof, solar PV and thermal, salvaged materials, LED lights……

If this sounds like you then join us!

We need managers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, laborers, gardeners, painters, green roof installers, radiant floor installers, weather sealers, dumpster divers, educators, solar PV installers, solar thermal installers, gray water system installers, high efficiency boilers experts, clay applicators…..but first and foremost we need people who are green builders to the core.

We are new, hungry and idealistic so we bid competitively to get work that changes the world for the better instead of bidding high and just getting high end work. As we grow so will salary for those who believe in our company and are loyal to it. We are the most innovative green building company in Brooklyn and clients are seeing that.

If you aren’t hard working and passionate about green building above all else then don’t contact us. If construction is a way to finance your real passion then don’t contact us. If you are in construction until you find something better don’t contact us. We aren’t interested anyone but passionate green builders.

If our company sounds like something you could really, really get excited about then please send us your resume  and a short paragraph about why you are a green builder. Our email is

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4 comments to Employment

  • Matthew Shatel

    Good Afternoon, my name is Matt and i was wondering if there were any job openings in the near future. I am an Upper junior at Pace University, studying in Environmental studies. My passion is in this type of field, and being able to create a Green Brooklyn would be a great opportunity. Thank you.

  • Errol St. Prix

    Hello, I’m interested in working with your company as I am a great enthusiast of the green movement and stepping into a cleaner self-sustainable environment. I am very excited about bringing self-sustainability and Green constructual environmental awareness to the big city. From garden rooftops to bamboo flooring in homes , this can bring about not just the environmentally sound home, yet also cost of house bills. I am eager to help and participate in the endeavor of turning Brooklyn green, as it is so unneccesarilly dark in many places. I am in this for the long haul, for the entire country, not just Brooklyn. But, what better place to get the ball rolling for the big city than Brooklyn.

  • Carlos Valery

    Hi, i am interested to working in your company. i am engineer graduated in 2002, in venezuela, recently moved to New York, and i suport very much all the sustainable environment technologies in buildings, landscapes and others. i actually, looking some courses, in New York city College of technology, and other colleges of CUNY. i am available to do anything right now. thanks for your consideration and time.

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