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Eco Brooklyn offers a variety of employment and internship opportunities. Please refer to the drop down list to learn more. We also offer the opportunity to earn an ‘Eco Brooklyn Green Building Certification.’

What is the Eco Brooklyn Green Building Certification?

Green building is not about certificates. Green building is an attitude and work ethic. But people need some way of quantifying your “level” of green building experience, for example during a job interview. So “graduating” interns can put on their resume that they completed the ‘Eco Brooklyn Green Building Certification Training.’

This training is different for everyone depending on the tasks they do but we hope all interns come away with a respect for salvaged materials and an understanding of how important it is to build green. If you are interested please send us an email with your resume and why you want to intern. Internships are accepted on a rolling basis as openings come up.

Giving instructions on how a high efficiency boiler works in the Brooklyn Green Show House.

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  1. carlos says:

    hi, im interested in your intership program, im an architect from asuncion, paraguay and currently taking some certificate programs at pratt university university until december, so in the mean while i would like to get expertice in a eco construcction company, is there a phone where i can talk? ,


  2. Eliza Paterson says:

    I’m a senior Environmental Studies major at the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a specialization in sustainable development. Green building is a particular interest of mine and I’d really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your internship programs. I will send a cover letter and a copy of my resume to Gennaro Brooks-Church. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you.

  3. Monique Winkfield says:

    I am a recent Graduate of Non Traditional Employment for women. I recently completed a pre-apprenticeship course in Green Construction. I was interested in your training courses, or any internships you may have in Sustainable energy to further develop & retain skills I learned at N.E.W. Thank You for your time. Monique Winkfield

  4. Pablo Vasile says:

    I am an undergraduate student in Environmental Studies at Pace University in NYC and I live in Brooklyn. I would be very interested in getting an internship with your company and learning more about green building. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Pablo Vasile

  5. Ricardo Lopez says:

    Hi, My name is Ricardo Lopez and i have been looking for a company like yours to work at and learn or at least a part time internship. I am currently enrolled at NYU for their certificate in Sustainable Architecture, Engineering and Design. I have culinary, banking, and retail experience mostly focusing on the customer service end. I’m starting to apply a lot of sustainable practices in the way I go about my life and I feel that being around experts and other people with a willingness to learn and a genuine enthusiasm to help make the world a better place. I have a plan to take these ideas to south america to help but i know i’m a long way from being someone to teach when I need to learn since I am no expert yet.I’m hoping to take to part in the change that’s to come.

  6. Frankie Torres says:

    Hi,My name is Frankie Torres I am extremely interested in joining your team whether with employment or through internship. I have been actively involved with “GREEN” affiliated courses and programs for the past four months. I’ve just completed and graduated from “GREEN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION”, a fifteen week environmental and remediation training course through STRIVE,East Harlem Employment Services & ANDO International whereas I received numerous certifications & completions by which my resume will reflect on.My contact there is Ms.Margaret McDermott. I have also completed four LEED courses (16 hours)at “Noble Strategy”. My contact there is Mr.Johnnie B.Harris,Jr. I have also enrolled in a 12-week BEST ECO job training program “SUSTAINABLE SOUTH BRONX” in ecological restoration,environmental remediation,green roof,tree/plant ld, and more. Among the hands on training i will receive there will be Waterfront & Wetland Restoration,Phyoremediation,Green Roof,Landscaping,Tool Usage and Safety. So as you can see through my many involvements these past four months to present, I am very interested in this particular field.I can be contacted at 1- 917- 902- 9008. Respectfully, Frankie Torres

  7. nabeel Beida says:

    Hi. I am interested in the inter program that you offer. I have been a carpenter for over 12 years and looking to get into the green side of building. I am BPI certified and am always willing to gain more knowledge. Do you still offer the internship and how do I apply.

  8. vincent arminio says:

    My name is vincent arminio i am a professional carpenter and all around tradesman. i am very intrested in joining your team after reading your job post on craigslist i sent my resume and daily salery request.. my phone # is 646 210 3614
    thank you

  9. dom rossi says:

    hi im interested in working 4 your company green building is where its at .im skilled in almost every area of home improvment and im adedicated worker clean and respectful please contact me for references.

  10. leonel reyes says:

    hi Iam roofer i like to be part of the team thanks

  11. Monique blalock says:

    Hi. I am recently certified in building Auditing, BPI certified, and I would love more information on working with you.

  12. Danny Cartaina says:

    I am an architectural lighting designer, I have my LC, and have worked on several LEED projects, including a Gold Level Leed for the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation. I’m very interested in doing your internship, sounds like a great opportunity. I’ve also worked as a carpenter and have my own tools. Hopefully sometime in August, Sept or October?

  13. shalini says:

    I very much interested in your program can you send information.


  14. M. Claudia Pinto says:

    I am really interested in becoming an “intern” and learn more about Sustainability and green building strategies. . Currently, I am a Asocc. AIA, Queens Chapter; also attending the ‘Certificate in Sustainability’ Program at Baruch College.
    I am currently working freelance in the Architectural and Construction field in my own.
    If you have some project I can get involved, please contact me. THanks,
    M. Claudia Pinto

  15. maurice morton says:

    I very much interested in your program can you send information.

    Thank you Maurice

  16. Paulom says:

    I am very much interested in training/”interning” with Eco-Brooklyn. I am a Registered Architect from Brooklyn and currently unemployed. Through out my life I have consciously and subconsciously practiced sustainable and green living. I am preparing for my LEED study, but I am more interested in working hands-on with Green Building methodologies than just concentrating on memorizing green credits. Working hands-on will allow me to experience real-life green building and at the same time allow me to contribute my time to making Brooklyn more Green. How can I get involved?

    Thank you.


  17. Emily Sumner says:

    I am a current, and very new, student to Interior Design. My goal is to build green and I would love to get all of the experience that I can in the field. How do I go about getting involved in your program?

    Emily Sumner

  18. Sarah says:

    My two-week internship at Eco Brooklyn was a great experience.

    During my time working on the Eco Brooklyn show house I increased my practical building skills and learned so much about sustainable building practices. I particularly enjoyed witnessing the problem-solving unique to construction with the concept of “build it forward” in mind. Participating in this internship not only offer me a solid introduction to environmentally responsible building methods but has inspired me to think about how these practices can become a societal norm.

  19. J.W. Smith says:

    I am extremely interested in becoming an “intern” and learn more green building strategies. I have been a LEED AP since Dec 2008 but have thought Green for years and years. I am currently working as a Project Architect in Westchester County, unlicensed at this point but training toward it.

    I hate to waste!

  20. John McDermott says:

    I have just completed the Eco Brooklyn Green Building Certification Training and I would like to thank all the management and crew at Eco-Brooklyn for their guidance, patience and willingness in allowing me to assist them in their work and sharing their knowledge and experience which enabled me to gain a better understanding of what sustainable construction is.

    Although green construction is in many ways similar to conventional construction practices and procedures, I was able to see that there are significant differences, such as in how and from where materials are procured, using non- or less-toxic agents in various procedures, and using recycled and/or salvaged materials, notable even in one of the simpler construction tasks such as house gutting, where questions arise as to whether or not to salvage flooring, fixtures, plumbing, etc, as I experienced first hand myself when removing a cabinet/drawer unit and disassembled the drawer sliding mechanism for salvage, and also began removal of flooring to be re-used, taking care to minimize or avoid damage to the flooring, instead of
    merely tearing it out by any means possible.

    In the short week of my internship with Eco-Brooklyn I was able to assist with and learn various tasks in the business from materials organizing to floor tiling , cutting slate shingles, house gutting, materials salvaging, roof inspection, and client consultation. In addition I was able to witness installation of efficient and clever structural components such as radiant flooring and a solar tube, the latter of which draws natural sunlight from the roof of a building to floors that are below the building’s top floor.

    I was present when the photos that appear in the post about the solar tube on this website were taken and was also permitted on the roof of the building to view the skylight at the top of the solar tube and I know first hand that the bright light emanating from the bottom of the tube is natural sunlight (actually, there was cloud cover outside when the photo was taken, no less!) only, without electricity or special effects.

    The approaches employed by Eco-Brooklyn in its outreach to the community by educating the community about the company’s practices and philosophy are brilliant in cultivating clientele and the company’s programs such as the internship and English language education are very intelligent ways to build an effective labor pool.

    The work can be physically exerting and not very pretty at times (it IS construction, after all) but it is always done with a consciousness and conscientiousness that not only may be, but, may have to be the future standard in the construction industry if the industry and, for that matter, the planet (and everything that lives on the planet) is to have any kind of viable future.

    Again, I’m grateful to Gennaro, Jack, Carlos, Daniel, Lucas, Martin, Pedro, and anyone else I forgot to mention (sorry!) for showing me the ropes (as much as could be shown in a week, anyway) and for this unique opportunity to participate as I did in the operations of this forward-looking company.

  21. John McDermott says:

    I just found your conscientious, inspiring and trail-blazing company through its website and would like to participate in your company’s Green Building Certificate 40-hour internship program.

  22. Napoleon James says:

    Finally an opportunity to learn how to build green,

    Napoleon James

  23. Stephanie Murrill says:

    I am definitely interested in your training program. I am a registered architect in NY and got my LEED AP certificate a year ago.



  24. Kasey Genin says:

    This program sounds great.

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