Eco Landscaping and Soil Remediation

Salvaged Brick and Bluestone
Salvaged Brick and Blue Stone

Eco Brooklyn has had lots of attention for our Soil Remediation Services. Much of the soil in Brooklyn is contaminated with heavy metals from early industrial practices.

These metals can be extremely toxic, especially to children. Our mission is to remedy the situation with the most sustainable practices and to ensure that your family, friends, and neighbors or not exposed to any harmful chemicals.

There is a multitude of solutions to any landscaping issue and a consultation with us can be a valuable asset to you and your home. Remediation usually involves removing some soil and bringing in new organic soil. After that we design and build the garden if needed.

A lot of our landscaping uses salvaged materials – wood, stone, bricks – and has a specific look.

Salvaged Wood Fence Rending
Salvaged Wood Fence
Salvaged Wood Fence in Brooklyn
Salvaged Wood Fence from pallets in Brooklyn


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