Eco Brooklyn Has New T-shirts!

Eco Brooklyn just got a new shipment of T-shirts. All sizes all colors. Bought from garment district rejects, although we can’t see any flaws in them. $20. You have to come by the show house to get one. We don’t ship.

They say “Eco Brooklyn – Build It Forward”. On the top you have greenery on the bottom you have bricks – Brooklyn in a nutshell.

Wear one with pride. Lets turn Brooklyn green!

All proceeds go towards giving free T-shirts and educational support to our interns.

Organizing the sizes.

Gennaro with one of our summer interns, Jaqueline.

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2 comments on “Eco Brooklyn Has New T-shirts!
  1. Gennaro Brooks-Church says:

    Actually we designed the logo so that it means more than the business. It is about turning Brooklyn green. It is about building intelligently. No matter who does it. We all need to do it.

  2. Dwayne Humphrey says:

    I definitely want one, although I’d feel like poser for actually not having yet worked with you guys. But support is support, I’m in.

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