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Local leaders learning community organizing from our Lead organizer, Alisa! En espanol ! She's been doing community organizing work in #RedHook for over 10 years. #Brooklyn #NonProfit #NYC
David McCoy gets accepted to Herkimer College. He will be attending this Fall. Another #RedHook youth defying the odds. Less than 40% of youth on our community graduate from high school. Learn more: #Brooklyn #NYC #NonProfit

Eco Brooklyn is a Natural Pool Installer

For the past couple years we at Eco Brooklyn have invested a lot of time learning how to create natural ecosystems in the New York environment. Our work has paid off with the near completion of the gardens at the Eco Brooklyn show house.

Here is a sneak preview of our front yard pond and back yard natural swimming pool. With these two showcases we hope to provide natural swimming pool installation and pond services for the New York area.

We have been doing a lot of building with salvaged materials and low energy design in an attempt to reduce the footprint on the world. We gradually moved into the gardens of the brownstones because as a green builder it all becomes connected.

The gray water and compost from the house goes into the gardens. The rain from the green roof passes down the living walls and into the dry wells in the yards. This kind of design reduces the footprint on the world but also very directly on NYC. If everyone built like this we would not have sewageΒ runningΒ into our waterways and we would be able to swim in them.

Keep in mind the pictures below are taken in a “normal” Brooklyn brownstone front and back yard….add a little green building knowledge, some hard work, inspiration from ManahattaΒ and Presto! you get this:

back pool 2 Eco Brooklyn is a Natural Pool Installer

Show House back yard pool

back pool Eco Brooklyn is a Natural Pool Installer

Back Yard pool

pool7 Eco Brooklyn is a Natural Pool Installer

Back yard pool. Honestly, it is more of a dunking pond but it’s a pool by NY standards!

front yard Eco Brooklyn is a Natural Pool Installer

Front Yard pond

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