We are over half a year through 2011 and I thought I’d give a short report on our company’s progress. Things are great!

We started the year in rough times. 2010 was a year where we took on too many projects and didn’t have the management skills to handle them. Getting clients is not Eco Brookly’s problem. We get plenty of people wanting our services. Dealing with the fast growth of an eco contractor in NY, basically the only genuine one, is our biggest challenge.

So in 2011 we said “No. Sorry we are too busy to honestly be able to give you the service you deserve.” And despite having considerably less jobs in 2011 than in 2010 we are making considerably more money and doing considerably better work.

All of which achieves our Mantra of Turning New York Green.

The reason for our success improved management and efficiency. Our biggest lesson in 2010 was the embarrassing realization that we, a company obsessed with energy efficiency, wasted huge amounts of energy in bad management. It was a real slap on the forehead: energy efficiency starts with our own lives as humans! (this was pointed out by one of our Green Builders, David Concha).

Once we got that important message we focused on increasing the human energy efficiency. And it worked wonders. This year we are on time, in budget and, well, happy!

The second part of 2011 will be focused on perfecting our management process as well as closing out the amazing Passive House job in Manhattan and our other smaller jobs, the main one being the Green Show House.

Unfortunately we are not entirely out of the woods from our 2010 mistakes. A couple jobs still haunt us: failed inspections and call backs. But thank God we are almost completely done with those jobs and ready to move forward with smooth jobs and happy clients.

2011 was a major turning point for Eco Brooklyn. We transitioned from a baby company overwhelmed by easy success to a more mature company in control of our direction.

We have become very focused in our efforts. Every decision we make is considered from our Mantra: “Does this choice turn New York Green?.

We also clarified our Mission Statement: Quality Green Building on Time and Within Budget.

It is such a powerful and honest Mission Statement. It satisfies our Triple Bottom Line business model of People, Planet and Profit.

In closing I would like to thank Eco Brooklyn’s workers and clients. I started this company almost five years ago because I wanted to help turn the world green and construction was something I loved, was good at and it was clearly a low hanging fruit.

When I started it was just me. I would dumpster dive and people laughed at me. I was a lone freak. But I believed in my cause passionately. And I loved it. Our planet is badly damaged. We need to do something about it! And now Eco Brooklyn has a large and equally passionate team of green builders. Each day I am surrounded by really talented and amazing builders who are devoted to the cause of making this world a better, greener place. It is so exciting and I am really honored.

Together we create quality green building on time and within budget that turns New York green. It is amazing to watch. We are powerful and empowered green builders who are defining a green building career and movement.

Eco Brooklyn’s clients are equally amazing. Anyone who calls me I first ask them to read our web site. If they call back excited then we consider them. This has led us to really cool people committed to turning the world green. Getting a new kitchen is one thing, but renovating to better the world is completely another thing.

It is so wonderful working with our clients because our conversations are so not so much about paint colors but about which paint colors are non-toxic, have the least embodied energy, and are locally sourced. Our clients call us up saying they found a salvaged sink on craigs list and if we can use it in their kitchen.

They understand that they are part of the wealthy world and their comparatively vast amounts of money can make a real difference. The renovation is about removing waster from the landfill by creatively using it in the home. It is about strengthening ecological companies. It is about supporting local business. The fact that a beautiful and special home is created at the end is almost secondary. THE PROCESS MY FRIEND IS WHERE YOU FIND SALVATION.

These people are kindred souls aware of the tremendous power they have and eager to use it for good.

Eco Brooklyn has become a movement of devoted people. It is an honor to be part of it. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to the Eco Brooklyn team: Ian, Dan, David, John, James, Charlie, Lucas, Martin, Paul, Santos, Ron, Joe, Stephen, Floris.

Thank you to Eco Brooklyn’s current clients: Mary Anne, Bill, Jennifer, Christine, Ron, Flona, Loretta, Ken.