We love buildings made out of shipping containers. They are a green builder’s version of the cardboard box that every child turns into their own world. We very much look forward to building a shipping container home in brooklyn. Or maybe our first shipping container building will be our Eco Brooklyn office and salvage center. We will see.

Dekalb Market will be built our of shipping containers!

Eco Brooklyn is constantly exploring ways to build greener and more creatively. Shipping containers represent both. A sure sign of a bad economy are yards full of empty shipping containers not being used for commerce. Using them for something useful is a great synergy.

And they are the ultimate prefab house! They are pure Lego. Structurally sound you can pile them on top of each other in all sorts of creative ways. They lend themselves really well to tiered housing with lots of little hideaway roofs and balconies. You can make rooms out of them or combine them and make larger living areas.

And if you ever get sick of where you live just close your doors and put yourself onto a ship. Off you go! Imagine moving your entire house for the paltry price of a shipping container fee.

We love shipping containers for building!

Here are some shipping container pictures.

shipping container

shipping container 2

shipping container 3

shipping container 4

shipping container 5