Green Home NYC had a block party this past weekend. Eco Brooklyn gave tours of the Brooklyn Green Show House. It was all pretty cool. Lots of good stuff to see and interested/interesting people. The event got covered by CNN and they did a piece on their web site.

They write:

One of the most committed to his cause was Gennaro Brooks-Church, director of the green contractor firm Eco Brooklyn. He opened up his own work-in-progress, his brownstone home on Second Street. He gave guided tours of the house’s “zero waste” features, including salvaged wood flooring, clay walls, gray-water recycling, solar thermal piping and photovoltaic energy, a green roof and bee hives.
“I prefer to look back for the wisdom in history rather than look forward to the science of technology,” he said, citing his favorite example of Native American clay.

I didn’t say Native American clay. I just said clay, but they got the point.

Here are some of my pics of the event. I went a little shutter crazy on the sedum.

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