Here are some of the latest earthship videos sent to me from the folks at

Comments on earthships and the Copenhagen summit.

Here is another cool one:

The one peeve I have with this last video is “What the world needs now is one Billion earthsips, immediately.” That sounds too much like old school consumer thinking. We’ve got too much building already. Granted most of it is crap and would be better torn down and reused. But we need to be really careful about building anything, earthship or not. But this is a small point. On the whole, the more earthships we build the better.

I think earthships and their variations are the only viable new construction available. As a green contractor in Brooklyn earthships in their current form are not feasable. We don’t have the space, we need more than one story and it is an urban environment.

But a lot can be learned from earthships. We at Eco Brooklyn are actively researching how we can make a “Brooklyn Earthship”.

What would that look like? Would it be a brownstone with earth pockets all over it that supported plants? We don’t know yet. But we are asking the questions.