This is more a technical point but something worth considering when
using materials. For example the “problem” with recycled cellulose is that it is
degraded. There is a green term for this but I forgot it. Basically
you are taking a higher purpose material – newspaper that is used to
transport knowledge – and degrading it to ripped up pulp to stuff in
walls. It’s like using a cell phone as a paper weight. Sure you are
recycling but there is degradation in the use.

The ideal recycling process is where the material is used for the same
level or even higher. An example of this would be to re-use the paper
as future newspapers. An example of higher use might be to take old
wall studs and turn them into cabinets. There is room for
interpretation as to what is “higher” or “lower”.

Not that I’m bashing cellulose since it’s one of my favorite for
soundproofing (PolyISO is my favorite for heat insulation). But before
I use a “new” recycled insulation I try to find old recycled
insulation from other houses first (as long as it still has life in it).
That is an example of same level recycling.

What you are doing here is taking the concept of recycling a step further. Recycling is good. Same level or higher level recycling is great.