All builders create waste. Green builders create a lot less because they reuse, recycle and find others to use their stuff. One of the tricks is finding places or companies that will take your stuff and channel it for another use.

Here are some resources from a deconstruction article that ran a couple of years ago in a magazine.

Not sure how current they are but it might be of help.

National Organizations
Building Material Reuse Association (BMRA);
Construction Material Recycling Association (CMRA);
Deconstruction Institute;
US EPA; (click on Wastes, go to the Commercial/Industrial section and click on Construction and Demolition Debris)

Selected Deconstruction and Material Reuse Organizations
Centennial Woods;
The Loading Dock;
The Rebuilding Center;
The Reuse People;
Recycle North;
Renovators Resource;

Material Exchange/Recycling Service