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Social Worker Joanna singing Katy perry at our Young Adult and #LGBTQ group Karaoke Night at RHI! #RedHook #Youth #Staff #Fun
What have you done since 2011? How has your life changed since then? We will report on what has changed since then relating to the habitats and rare landscapes of our #bayarea on September 25. Stay tuned. #conservation #land #parks #habitats #animals #landscape
Repost of #FloWater professional surfing ambassador @evanvaliere 's new quiver of shortboards. Evan Valiere's commitment to his sport and dedication as a waterman to the ocean is an inspiration to all of us. Those new boards look insane and we love the FloWater logo on them too:). Look forward to watching the surfing done on these boards this winter. #EvanValiere #Surfing #FloWaterAmbassador #PremiumPerformanceWater #PremiumHydration
Pleased to share with you RHI's latest high school graduate, Rynel Bussey. #RedHook #Youth #Brooklyn #nyc #success #dreams
It's lunch time @greenfestivals! Yes, we eat green too! #LaGreenFest in 3 weeks!
The real Bear of the office! @greenfestivals #asheville
Who can tell us what type of tomatoes these are? _____________________________________ Thanks for sharing this photo @clarifier _____________________________________ Grow something and share with us what you are growing using #growsomethinggreen

Found a Contractor? Get References and ask these questions

Getting a good contractor is not always easy. If you find one ask for references. If they make you feel uncomfortable about this that should be a warning sign.

When you call the references ask these kinds of questions:

* Can I visit your home to see the completed job?
* Were you satisfied with the project? Was it completed on time?
* Did the contractor keep you informed about the status of the project, and any problems along the way?
* Were there unexpected costs? If so, what were they?
* Did workers show up on time? Did they clean up after finishing the job?
* Would you recommend the contractor?
* Would you use the contractor again?

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PinExt Found a Contractor? Get References and ask these questions

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