I think new construction is to building like heroin is to health. It should be outlawed as a threat to our well-being. There are enough old buildings for us to renovate. New construction is a needless act of arrogance and self destruction.

There’s really not much more to say. I could explain why I guess but simply put, new construction uses up energy and resources that destroys the planet. No sane person would knowingly do it.

The only acceptable new construction, if such an oxymoron exists, is a net zero earth sheltered home built of totally local materials. Read anything by Wells, for example his book, “Gentle Architecture”.

For example:


As a green contractor in Brooklyn and NY I am happy to say nobody has ever asked Eco Brooklyn to build new construction. There are too many Brownstones to renovate into GreenStones. And as far as empty lots, they are not aching to be smeared by some architects futile attempt to be original. The plot should be given back to nature with trees, plants and fauna.

Haven’t we covered enough of the globe with our crust, and haven’t we destroyed enough of the rest of the world to do it? Enough already. The only reason to build new is arrogant ignorance.