As a green builder in Brooklyn we have very definite views on how development should unfold in the neighborhood. This ties us willingly or not to the politicians since they have influence on development.

Today I got a generic brochure in the mail from Congresswoman Joan L. Millman and out of random curiosity I decided to check it out.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her pamphlet was very in touch with the community. She had some good things to say and views that Eco Brooklyn very much resonates with:

1. She is staunchly PRO EPA Superfund.
2. She is AGAINST the Atlantic Yards construction in its current state of Ratner deceit.
3. She SUPPORTS the neighborhood green markets.

It is great to see that Millman is in sync with the community she serves. My experience is that the vast majority of the community supports these issues. In return Eco Brooklyn supports her efforts.