It seems like just in the past week the trees of New York have decided to shed most of their leaves. Around EcoBrooklyn, leaves are floating down onto our green roof and some of our projects in the yard. The smell of fallen leaves overpowers the smell of city, and it’s a welcome scent indeed.

However, I was very disappointed to learn that the City of New York has cancelled their leaf collection this year due to budget cuts. I don’t understand how New York can have so many dog walkers, nannies, and therapists, but somehow cannot afford to compost their leaves. I understand that New York has fewer trees per capita than some other cities, but this does not seem like an excuse, considering the vast amount of trees that are in fact in this city.

However, if you are upset by this lack of city service, there are options. NYC Project LeafDrop has many locations throughout the city where residents can bring their leaves for composting. LeafDrop asks that residents store leaves in plastic bags or brown paper bags. The vast majority of these locations are in Brooklyn. If you would like any information, please go to this website: