The web site and group called Clean Gowanus Now! has a url of .org, which leads you to think it is a non proffit with community based objectives.

But the site and the group are a scam. The group has these following entities behind it:

Africa-Israel, U.S.A. (Involved with the Scarano creation at 340 Bond Street)
Bayside Fuel Oil Depot Corporation
Jobco, Inc.
Magnifico Enterprises
L&M Development Partners, Inc.
The Ribellino Family
Debbie & Buddy Scotto
Toll Brothers, Inc.

Clean Gowanus Now! have very little with cleaning the Gowanus canal, now or ever. Their objective is to stop the Superfund Designation, which has the sole aim of actually cleaning the Gowanus.

The Clean Gowanus Now! group wants to stop that designation because it will put a wrench in their sloppy developments plans. I say sloppy because without designation they will have to do a lot less cleaning. A little sweeping under the rug and then putting some buildings up to sell for a profit.

Clean Gowanus Now! is driven by money and profit and does not have the well bieng of the community as their first objective.

I am not against smart development, but those groups have a track record of stupid development.