As a New York green contractor we are especially sensitive to the effect chemicals have on humans. New York city has many environmental stressors. You have noise, lots of people, lots of cars and a million other things in the environment that cause stress to the body.

There are also a million chemicals that contact our bodies and cause stress. Cleaning products, car fumes, cigarettes, rodent poison, offgassing plastics, dies… the list is endless.

Then you have chemicals that our society has decided for whatever reason that we need to be exposed to them. The two most prominent ones are vaccines and chemicals in the water. Collectively we consume these chemicals under the pretense that their harm outweighs their benefits.

Maybe…I don’t know enough to say for sure. But I’ve seen enough to be deeply suspicious of whether they are needed. I vaccinated my children with the most prominent vaccines but I did it with deep reservation. Likewise I drink the tap water using filters like Brita. But I am aware of some of the facts around chlorine and fluoride. And these facts are not comforting.

Check out this video and do some research online. Try to look through the hype and just stick with the facts. I think it is something we as a society should be discussing more, specifically the deep conflict of interest between chemical companies seeking profit at the expense of peoples’ health.