InsideClimate News – Brooklyn

Eco Brooklyn would like to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of a fellow green advocate located in Brooklyn.

InsideClimate News is a rising nonprofit news website that focuses chiefly on environmental issues. Their objectives include providing scientific and objective investigations and news stories to inform the public and our officials living in these times of […]

3 Months Free Yoga in Return for Green Building Help – This weekend

Eco Brooklyn is looking for volunteers for a day of help moving some salvaged flooring from one lot to another in Park Slope. In exchange we can offer three months of free yoga at Area Yoga on court street and Montague Street. When: Sunday March 24th. Where: Park Slope, Brooklyn. Please email if interested.

Green Building is not a product

A reporter just interviewed me on green building. I thought I’d share it here since the reporter has a pretty common viewpoint, one I believe is not correct.

What aspects home remodeling/room design are the most popular “green” solutions? Most clients know they want to renovate green but usually don’t know exactly what the details […]

Eco Brooklyn Interview

BBox radio did a cool interview of Eco Brooklyn Director, Gennaro Brooks-Church. We discussed all sorts of things in the field of radical green building – Net Zero, Passive House, Guerrilla Green Building, Build It Forward and much more.

Check it out here!



Eco Brooklyn has a Certified Passive House Tradesperson

I took the Passive House Consultant course a couple years ago because Eco Brooklyn was becoming a Passive House builder in NYC and I wanted to know the information. I didn’t take the exam to get certified since being a Passive House Consultant wasn’t the kind of work I enjoyed. I like […]

The Living Building Challenge- Winner of the 2012 Buckminster-Fuller Challenge

Green building and eco-sensitive design is currently at the forefront of our modern ethos. What this means for the green builders, contractors and architects of NY, and the world, is a period of dramatic change and challenge is ahead if not already begun. A change in the way we think about new buildings and construction, […]

Radical Sustainability and Passive House

Eco Brooklyn’s director, Gennaro Brooks-Church will be giving a presentation at New York’s 2012 Passive House Symposium. The topic of his presentation is “Radical Sustainability and Passive House.” The all day event is filled with interesting speakers and is a must for anyone interested in the worlds most cutting edge energy efficient building technique.

NEW […]

International Center of Photography Visits Eco Brooklyn

A group of students from the International Center of Photography visited Eco Brooklyn’s show house the other day as part of their class on Urban Utopias. Some pics here and more to come.

The Eco Brooklyn green roof is a good example of a successful NYC installation



The Craft: Up On the (Living) Roof

Chrongram Magazine mentioned Eco Brooklyn in a recent article on green roofs. It is below:

A close-up of the green roof installed at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor’s Center in Gardiner by Aurora Landscape Design.

by Gregory Schoenfeld, April 27, 2012

When Shawn McCloskey returned home to his native Kingston in 2000, things were pretty […]

Get Your “Passport to Green NY” and Celebrate Earth Day Early!

As NY Green Contractors, we work hard to turn NYC green and we love any opportunity to share our labors with the public because it spreads awareness of green building. The Earth Day New York organization has created a great way for New Yorkers to celebrate Earth Day as well as learn more about green […]

Benefit Corporations law signed and active in New York State!

Finally, a way to pursue the “triple bottom line” (people, planet and profits) with legal backing! It is called the Benefit Corporation (as opposed to a normal C or S Corporation for example). Signed into NY legislation by Governor Cuomo the new law allows businesses to be recognized and filed a for more than their […]

“Same River: We are all downstream”

Here is a MUST SEE event. It is an inspiring creative synergy of art spread over several evenings to raise momentum against the very serious threat of hydrofracking.

The Irondale Arts Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is putting it on and it starts in a couple of weeks. The show’ll be different every night: it […]

Material Reuse with the NYCMEDP

Eco Brooklyn has partnered up with the NYC Materials Exchange Development Program, a great non-profit that keeps reusable materials out of the trash by connecting people with unwanted materials to others who can reuse them.

The NYCMEDP runs a number of ongoing service, outreach, and research programs. The NYC Waste Match, for example, is a […]

How Social Entrepreneurs and Non-Profiteers Should Pitch Stories

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a teleclass hosted by Marissa Feinberg, founder of Green Spaces, on writing pitches for social entrepreneurs and non-profiteers.

Large corporations pay premium prices for professional PR services. We’re a small New York green builder with a big mission: to turn New York green. Our job is a mix […]

Passive House Tour

Come check out our Open House and Blowerdoor test at our Harlem Passive House renovation.

When: Friday, November 11, 2011, 4:30 PM Where: 156 West 130th Street, Manhattan.

The New York Passive House community is kicking off the weekend of International Open Passive House days at Ecobrooklyn’s project in Harlem. The house is well underway […]

Occupy Wall Street

On 10/11/11 Eco Brooklyn, a green builder and supporter of a better America and world, went down to the Financial district to check out Occupy Wall Street. Nearly 30 days ago, a diverse group of citizens took to the street in NYC, and marched down to Zuccotti Park, formerly “Liberty Plaza Park”, placed in between […]

Climate Week NYC and Green Contracting in New York

Climate Week NYC offers up to 8 events a day. And many of them relate to green building in unexpected ways.

What better time of the year to let your green out? Climate Week NYC offers such a wide variety of events at varying locations and times to fit everyone’s interests and schedules. For a […]

Planet Brooklyn Highlights Eco Brooklyn

The web site Planet Brooklyn did a nice article on Eco Brooklyn. The author of the article Rochana has a very clear writing style that is great to read.

Check it out here. Features Eco Brooklyn featured Eco Brooklyn on their blog. They flew a reporter to Brooklyn all the way from Virginia or somewhere to meet us. They are looking to increase their green building content so they sought Eco Brooklyn out.

Check out their blog post on Eco Brooklyn here.

Upcoming Speaking Announcement

Green Home NYC is featuring Gennaro Brooks-Church as a guest speaker. He will be speaking on two key concepts he coined: Build It Forward and the Zero Brownstone. More info below on the event next week.

August forum: Working with contractors (AIA credit)August’s forum will discuss working with contractors in both residential and commercial […]

Eco Brooklyn is Featured in NY Times Blog

Here is an article on Eco Brooklyn in today’s NY Times Blog.

The general gist is that green building can be affordable. They say Eco Brooklyn “practices guerrilla green-building techniques” to achieve this, which involves a lot of dumpster diving and salvage.

We try to set up more formal ways of collecting material but […] Featured Gennaro Brooks-Church featured Gennaro Brooks-Church in their “Ask A Pro” Section.

To read the dialog click here.

Anatomy of a Brownstone Event This Spring

The NY City College of Technology does this cool seminar series called Anatomy of a Brownstone. This spring I’ll be one of their speakers. For more info see below.

Spring 2010 Offering: Layouts and Lifestyles Course Code: BRNS 032 Date: Saturday 3/13 1 – 5 pm Fee: $40 Directions: click here

When it’s time […]

Living Building Challenge and Omega Institute

I was just on a radio program where we discussed with the CEO of the Omega institute their new building that is built along the Cascadian Living Building Challenge guidelines, possibly the best green building guideline I know of.

Check it out here

Eco Brooklyn Featured on Reclaimed Home

Reclaimed Home released their second part tour of the Brooklyn Show Green Show House.

Gennaro Brooks-Church is a Sustainable Building Advisor

I just graduated from the nine month training by the National Sustainable Building Advisor Program. The program is for working professionals so the benefits of the class come just as much from the content as from other students.

The students were construction leaders from many fields: HVAC, environmental remediation, architecture, furniture, design and a lot […]

Eco Brooklyn Has New T-shirts!

Eco Brooklyn just got a new shipment of T-shirts. All sizes all colors. Bought from garment district rejects, although we can’t see any flaws in them. $20. You have to come by the show house to get one. We don’t ship.

They say “Eco Brooklyn – Build It Forward”. On the top you have […]

Reclaimed Home interviews Eco Brooklyn came by and interviewed Gennaro Brooks-Church at the Brooklyn Green Show House. He talks about the new template for building a Brownstone.

Below is the video they took while I did a tour.

They also took some cool pictures.

Check out their site. They are doing some great stuff.


Daily News Mentions Eco Brooklyn

Today’s issue of the NY Daily News mentioned Eco Brooklyn and quoted Gennaro Brooks-Church. They posted the below pic and had this to say about Eco Brooklyn and Gennaro:

Here, Gennaro Brooks- Church is renovating his home, on 2nd Street in Brooklyn, here with his 5 and a half year old daughter Saomi and […]

Eco Brooklyn named Green Hero of the Week

We got a nice plug in The L Magazine – we were named Green Hero of the Week.