DIY Rocket Mass Heater

The recent polar vortex has hit us all with some really harsh conditions and as a green contractor based in New York it has made work on our ecological construction sites difficult. Spending cold, winter days inside of an upcycled shipping container can leave you freezing for hours. Space heaters require electricity that you may […]

Building for Children

Eco Brooklyn recently completed a number of jobs in a building where there were children living. We renovated three children’s bedrooms, two bathrooms where they bathe, and two play areas. Doing this increased our focus on using non-toxic materials and building in a manner that created no dust.

A toxin free green building process should […]

Eco Ponds in NYC

We have been experimenting a lot with self sustaining garden ponds lately. One thing is to build a pond that looks like a black bathtub with half dead plants and a goldfish, another thing is to create a diverse ecosystem that thrives.

The trick is to design it right. And they will come.

The […]

Two Rammed Earth Walls

Part of being a green contractor means studying emerging technologies offering more eco-benefits than conventional construction. In this case we’re looking at old technologies: the rammed earth wall, one of humanity’s oldest building techniques.

When it comes to walls, a couple of rammed-earth techniques are available as alternatives to your standard insulation-filled 2×4 frames:

The […]

Thank You Jesus

Here’s to every immigrant worker in the world. Did you ever think that countries were created to create cheap immigrant workers?

Here at Eco Brooklyn we love immigrant workers. Not because they are cheap labor. Eco Brooklyn pays based on talent alone, not nationality, race or sex. And if you have a family to […]

Eco Brooklyn’s Clay Wall Application

Eco Brooklyn’s Gennaro Brooks-Church discusses our clay wall application. Creating a better seal on bricks and more insulation, Eco Brooklyn applies clay to walls all over New York City. Most recently we applied clay in our Harlem Passive House and in the downstairs apartment in our Brooklyn Show House.

Check out this great video!


Clay Wall Application

As a New York contractor we are constantly trying to incorporate the best green building techniques to New York and Brooklyn brownstones. The creative use of clay is one of our tools. We just did a another clay wall job in Brooklyn.

We switched the mix up a little to make it a little smoother, […]

Clay Concrete Base Molding on Clay Wall

Eco Brooklyn is a New York clay wall installer. We don’t use any brand name clay mixed but prefer to mix the clay ourselves depending on the use. We recently installed some cool clay concrete base molding onto a clay wall. The challenge was that the clay wall was not flat enough for salvaged wood […]

Clay Plaster Walls For New York Passive House

We are building a Passive House in a Manhattan brownstone. Instead of using more synthetic materials to air seal the brick walls (crucial for PH) we are using clay.

Here are some notes to a successful clay application over New York brownstone brick walls:

– Use reinforcment mesh (fiberglass is best, hemp is mesh also […]

Tribute To John Lennon – This Earth Floor’s For You!

What does green building in New York and John Lennon have in common? There must be something in common since as a NY green builder I get inspiration from him. And I know I’m not the only one…

In honor of his 70th birthday lets look at the commonalities.

There are many good builders just […]

Milk Paint and Clay Sealer

Eco Brooklyn uses a lot of natural coatings on our Brooklyn brownstone walls, among them Milk Paint and clay. Both milk paint and clay are both matte finishes and anyone who has painted using matte paint knows that it scuffs a lot easier than glossy paint.

So when we want a more durable finish we […]

Good Clay Mix for Brooklyn Brownstone Wall

Here is a great starting point for making clay wall material.

2 parts sand (mason or graded sands but have a few different sizes 70-20-50 meshes) 1 part clay soil (screened through 1/8 to 1/4 screen to get the bigger bits of stuff out) 3/4 to 1 part chopped and screened straw or recycled saw […]

Clay Wall Application For Brooklyn Brownstone

We have been getting really into clay wall applications for Brooklyn Brownstones. Brownstones have a lot of brick walls which lend themselves really nicely to clay wall applications.

Here is an order of clay we just got.

We love to mix different combinations to see what comes out. The trick is to find the […]

Clay Wall Application for Brooklyn Brownstone

Clay is a wonderful substance. It literally sucks the toxins from your body if you put it on your skin. When eaten it stabilizes your stomach bacteria to healthy levels and is full of nutrients. When put on walls it gives off negative ions and helps stabilize humidity in the air. Negative ions are the […]