Don’t Worry, Bee Happy

The Honey Bee makes the world go round – without them flora would die and all other life would quickly follow. And bees have done their job for a very long time.

For perspective Homo sapiens (probably you) reached anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago and began to exhibit full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years […]

How Our Soul Connects to the Earth

I spent the day in the Eco Brooklyn garden with seven interns today hauling salvaged blue stone around and working on the natural swimming pool. Typically we are working around the pool so they have their shoes off.

Adding the final touches to the natural swimming pool

But today I had them wear shoes […]

International Center of Photography Pics

Last week students from the International Center of Photography came by to photograph the show house green roof and back garden. Here is what they came up with.

Our Favorite:

As green roof installers we are particularly in love with the green roof on the show house. It is where we do a lot […]

Honeybees Drinking Water

I built a natural pond and stream in my Brooklyn front yard, inspired by the images from the book Mannahatta of New York in the 1600’s. On my roof I have a bee hive. My friends from the roof come to the border of the pond to drink off a patch of moss. Check the […]

Bees Swarm in Front of Eco Brooklyn

We had a swarm of bees in front of the Eco Brooklyn office the other day so I called my friend Eric from to come by and give them a home. Check out the video he made of it:


A Photo Update of the Eco Brooklyn Roof Garden

Native Plant Green Roof Installation

Eco Brooklyn’s green roof garden has been flourishing since we installed it over two years ago. Check out the photos below!

This roof garden relies solely on rainwater so we never have to waste water!

Our bees act as natural pollinators, ensuring […]

Brooklyn Green Roof

Here are some spring photos from the Eco Brooklyn Green Show House roof. It is two years old now. We don’t water it. We just let it do its own thing. The soil has thinned out and is only about 2.5″ thick. But we have bushes and plants along with a thick canopy of sedum. […]

Native Plant Green Roof Installer

Most New York green roof installers look towards Europe for green roof plant varieties. Europe has the largest green roof industry and has spent many years testing different plants.

Typically a New York green roof installer will specify a selection of sedum native to the high mountains and wild places across Europe, including the Balkan […]

Eco Brooklyn’s Eco Garden

Eco Brooklyn’s show house is now home to a beautiful new landscape which has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Nestled among many homes in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY this garden provides a home for a wide variety of shrubs and perennials that have invited in a number of […]

Busy Bees

Check out this picture of our Eco Brooklyn Green Show House bee hive. We left some space in the hive and the bees filled it up with their own combs. The precision and symmetry they build the comb is really beautiful.

Brooklyn Green Roof Blooming

As a New York green roof installer I have a special affection for my own green roof. Check it out after all these summer rains. It is bursting with life. I threw a couple handfuls of Native North East wildflower seeds a couple years ago and now the roof overflows with sunflowers both big and […]

Bees Arrive

Our two hives of bees arrived today!

Our Friendly Postman Delivered our Bees. We gave him a pot of honey.

Gennaro Brooks-Church and son Cazimir checking out the arrival of bees.


Save the Bees

This is taken from Worth reading and acting on.

Silently, billions of bees are dying off and our entire food chain is in danger. Bees don’t just make honey, they are a giant, humble workforce, pollinating 90% of the plants we grow. Scientists increasingly blame one group of toxic pesticides for their rapid demise, […]

Red Honey and the Perils of Urban Farming

This summer all the bee hives around Red Hook had really red honey. Our hives in Carroll Gardens are just a stone’s throw away and also glowed with red. Here is an example:

Work on the street was that the bees had found a maraschino cherry factory. And it turns out the word was […]

Green Roof Benefits and Facts

Here is an interesting PDF giving key facts about green roofs. The most interesting thing is a study they did comparing an R18 insulated roof with a non-insulated green roof. The green roof was a lot cooler in the summer. They also give costs and life assessment numbers. Very interesting.

Read the green Roof PDF […]

Brooklyn Bee Maintenance

We checked on some of our hives today a week after putting them into new hives. They were doing great. In their productive enthusiasm they had built comb in a place where it would cause spacing problems so we had to take it out.

Both hives had excess comb we had to remove. One was […]

Register Your Brooklyn Bees

When NYC legalized bees a little while ago the one stipulation they asked was that bee keepers register their bees. There is no way I’m doing that! I have 40,000 bees. Do you have any idea how long it would take me to register them?!

But I might register my hives. Or I might […]

A Bee (or two) Lands in Brooklyn

We just got our bees for the Brooklyn Green Show House! They arrived late at night and we put them in their hives (hived them) at the crack of dawn. We put the hives on the green roof so the bees can help pollinate our strawberries!

First we put the stands made of salvaged wood:


Plants Attractive to Native Bees

Now that beekeeping is legal in NYC we are going to have a lot more bees! And that is a good thing. Here is a list of plants that bees like. If you ask me the list has pretty much all the plants in the world, but I didn’t make the list (USDA did) and […]

Beekeeping in NY is Legal!

Beekeeping has just been legalized in New York. This is great news and the result of hard work from the beekeeping community. Let there bee light! Sweet!

More here

Bees Legal In NYC

I copied this from my email. Worth reading and writing.

Greetings! This is the moment that supporters of legalizing beekeeping in NYC have been waiting for. The Department of Health is proposing changes to it’s Health Code that would once again make honey beekeeping legal in NYC!

Between now and Wednesday, February 3rd, you […]

Permaculture, Pigs and Bees

Here is a cool insight into nature. It is by Michael Pollan. He also talks about the Polyface Farm which is run by “grass farmer” Joel Salatin. Joel is interviewed a lot in the Food Inc Movie. Check out the talk below, follow the links above. All very cool stuff.

Not directly connected to green […]

Green Window Cover

Here is a cool window shade made out of a box and semi wild plants. It shows how we can put plants in a lot more places that the hyper manicured garden. Window sills, ledges, above doors, on walls, as fences….plants can be part of our building structure just as we use other materials to […]

Beekeeping Becoming Legalized in NYC

Keeping bees is currently illegal in NIC because they accidentally fell under a venomous animal law way back when.

The good news is that the law is very close to being overturned. Our city comptroller hopeful David Yassky actually has been very influential in that process. So I hope you all voted for him. […]

Legalize Bees in NYC

Bees are technically classified as a venomous insect and thus illegal by New York law. Stupid but true. Help legalize beekeeping by signing this petition.

Here is some info on Bees, taken from

Question: What do cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Portland, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver have that NYC does not? Answer: […]

Legal Farm Animals in NY, but not Bees

You are allowed to keep chickens and any sort of hoofed animal in Brooklyn or New York City. Hoofed, as in donkey, goat, sheep….and chickens. Not roosters, but if you want fresh eggs from your back yard or roof top chickens that is totally legal.

BUT you are not allowed to legally keep bees. Sure […]