There is nothing more wonderful than feeling that your actions in this life are meaningful and good. That is why I am so happy as a green builder in Brooklyn. I feel my actions better the world now and for generations to come.

Another person who I think is doing the same in his own way is Felix Brooks-Church. He is my brother and runs the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project.  He helps local children find a good and happy life.

The most powerful good is one that strengthens the mesh between people in a community. All destruction comes from people not feeling part of their surroundings. They can cause harm to their surroundings because they do not feel it is part of them.

But when you strengthen the mesh between people in a community, whether that is the green building community in Brooklyn or the community of children in Cambodia, you make people feel connected.

When we feel connected we realize our actions effect those we are connected to. This powerful awareness is revolutionary and the source of all good in the world.

Here are two videos of the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project. We are all connected.